Shute & Merchant
once located at the Head of the Harbor in Gloucester Massachusetts

Shute & Merchant

the Shutes and Merchants of Cape Ann

(a partial genealogy of the many ancestors)

James L. Shute arrived in Gloucester Mass. in 1851. He had been born in Maine and was raised in Newmarket (now Newfields) New Hampshire. His branch of the Shute family traces back to Richard Shute of Boston as follows: Richard (1631-1703), Michael (1707-1784), William (1738-1791), William, Jr. (1766-1820), Andrew Breden (1794-1842), James Lovell (1833-1909), William Thomas (1861-1920).

James L. ShuteWilliam T. Shute

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James L. Shute (1833-1909)

James L. married Sarah "Abbie" Abigail Merchant on February 6, 1857 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: James Lovell Shute, Jr., Samuel Merchant Shute, William Thomas Shute, Abby Merchant Shute, Frances Grover Shute, Sally Merchant Shute, Ada Marian Shute, Edward Grover Shute and Robert Thomas Shute

William T. Shute (1861 - 1920)

William T. married Marion "Mattie" Bruce Rust on Oct. 2, 1884 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Kenneth Bruce Shute, Margaret Grover Shute, George Haase Shute, James Lovell Shute, III and Benjamin Smith Shute

The Merchants of Cape Ann trace their origins back to Jabez Merchant. Epes Merchant is the oldest member of this family for which there are photos, and he is the link to men who eventually formed the business Shute & Merchant. This part of the Merchant family goes back to Jabez as follows: Jabez (1695-1773), Daniel (1721-unkn), William (1751-1802), Epes (1780-1859), Samuel (1812-1860), William Thomas (1840-1896). [no photos of William Thomas Merchant are known to exist, and this genealogy also includes several of Epes Merchant's other sons, grandsons and great grandsons.]

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Epes Merchant (1780-1859)

Epes married Sally Rowe Thomas on December 1, 1803 in Gloucester. They had the following children: Epes William Merchant, Henry Merchant, George Merchant, Sarah Eliza Merchant, Mary Ann Merchant, Samuel Merchant, Benjamin William Merchant, Addison Merchant, Emeline Merchant and Gorham Merchant

Epes W. MerchantGeorge Merchant, Sr.
Samuel MerchantAddison Merchant

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Epes William Merchant (1804-1887)

Epes W. married Sarah Ellery Ryerson on December 21, 1825 in Gloucecester. They had no children.

George Merchant, Sr. (1807-1899)

George, Sr. married Lucy Norwood on November 18, 1826 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Lucy Ann Merchant, George, Jr Merchant, Sarah Ellery Merchant, Julia Ann Merchant, Mary Elizabeth Merchant, Sidney Merchant, Miranda Merchant, Edwin Merchant, Isabell Bowin Merchant, Emily Curtis Merchant, Laura Jane Merchant, Gorham Merchant, Alfred Merchant and Albion Howard Merchant.

Samuel Merchant (1812-1860)

Samuel married Sally Davis on June 8, 1834 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Samuel Merchant, Jr. Sarah Abigail Merchant, Epes Merchant, William Thomas Merchant, Epes (2nd) Merchant, Ada B. Merchant, Lewis Holmes Merchant and Effie Merchant.

Addison Merchant (1812-1860)

Addison married Catherine Marriott Plummer on June 18, 1837 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Catherine Marriott Merchant , Emma Clifford Merchant, Fitz Henry Merchant, Emma Clifford Merchant, Ann Judson Merchant, 1856) and Jesse Plummer Merchant. (Sadly, none of them survived infancy or childhood.)

George Merchant, Jr. William T. Merchant

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George Merchant, Jr. (1828-1906)

George Merchant, Jr. married Mary Douglass on January 26, 1841 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Mary Jane Merchant, George Edward Merchant, Orlando Merchant, Flora Estelle Merchant, Eugene Howard Merchant, Robert Clifford Merchant, Joseph Carleton Merchant, unnamed son Merchant and Percy Washburn Merchant

William Thomas Merchant (1840 - 1896)

William Thomas Merchant married Eliza Lamson Wonson on December 18, 1862. They had the following children: Effie Howard Merchant, Willie Frank Merchant, Nellie Wonson Merchant, Frederic “Fred” Wonson Merchant, Cora Fitch Merchant, William Thomas Merchant, Grace Center Merchant, Hattie Preston Merchant and Annie Bray Merchant

George E. Merchant
Orlando MerchantPercy W. Merchant

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George Edward Merchant (1853-1929)

George E. married Charlotte Estelle Lufkin on March 6, 1879 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Eugene Howard Merchant (a twin), Fitz Otis Merchant (a twin,) Ernest Howard Merchant and George Edward Merchant, Jr.

Orlando Merchant (1853-1929)

Orlando married Charlotte Jane Gray on December 6, 1883 in Gloucecester. They had the following child: Roy Douglass Merchant. Five years after Charlotte's deaht, Orlando married Mary Garland Wonson on Jan. 27, 1914. They had the following child: Miriam Wonson Merchant.

Percy Washburn Merchant (1873-1937)

Percy married Sarah Lois Goodwin on November 28, 1894 in Gloucecester. They had the following children: Raymond Presson Merchant, Lois Rachel Merchant, Russell Carleton Merchant and Percy Albert Merchant.

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