Shute & Merchant
once located at the Head of the Harbor in Gloucester Massachusetts

Shute & Merchant

the Shutes and Merchants of Cape Ann

Epes Merchant
(1780 - 1859)

Epes Merchant was a fisherman, master mariner, outfitter, member of the Coast Guard during the War of 1812 and Captain in the Militia. In 1803 he married Sally Rowe Thomas (daughter of William and Martha Rowe Thomas).

Family history indicates that Epes was born in the part of Gloucester known as Pigeon Cove. When his father William died in 1802, Epes and three of his brothers (William, Nathaniel and James) moved to Gloucester where they engaged in hazardous work as boat fishermen.

He and Sally had ten children:

Epes William 1804 - 1887
Henry (Harry) 1805 - 1870
George 1807 - 1899
Sarah Eliza 1809 - 1889
Mary Ann 1811 - 1863
Samuel 1812 - 1860
Benjamin William 1814 - 1831
Addison 1816 - 1867
Emeline 1819 - 1852
Gorham 1822 - 1849

Epes and Sally Merchant

After spending many years as a seaman, Epes decided to abandon the sea life for the home life of an outfitter. In 1825 he began a partnership with his son Epes William (Epes Merchant & Son) with the vessels the Hornet, Volant and Emblem, all about 45 tons. At this time, his sons served as the Captains of the majority of the vessels he owned. This firm was continued until about 1848 and was primarily a fishery outfitting enterprise. An 1831 advertisement in the Gloucester Telegraph notes that the firm had just recently moved to their new store on Jackson Street and now offered for sale the following items: family groceries, china, crockery, glassware, hollow ware, knives, forks, pen knives, jack knives, percussion caps, coarse and fine salt, lines and twine.

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