Shute & Merchant
once located at the Head of the Harbor in Gloucester Massachusetts

Shute & Merchant

the Shutes and Merchants of Cape Ann

Percy Washburn Merchant
(1873 - 1937)

The youngest son of George and Mary (Douglass) Merchant, Percy followed his brother Orlando's lead, and chose to enter the fishing industry by working for a dealer of fish products. At at age 18, he began working as a clerk for Shute & Merchant.

He married Sarah Lois Goodwin on Nov. 26, 1894.

He and Sarah Lois had four children:

Raymond Presson 1896 - 1965
Lois Rachel 1899 - 1976
Russell Carlton 1901 - 1994
Percy Albert 1903 - 1982

Percy W. Merchant

While with Shute & Merchant he eventually became the head of the their New England Divivion. After that firm was purchased by Gorton-Pew, he remained with them for a few year. Eventually he joined the newly formed Sylvanus Smith Fish Company, which later became the Frank Pearce firm.

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Percy's patent image

Percy, like his father, was also a person who liked to design better ways of doing things. In 1911, he was granted a patent for an improved way to wrap and package food stuffs. He developed this idea while employed by Sylvanus Smith, so the patent was signed over to that company.

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