Shute & Merchant
once located at the Head of the Harbor in Gloucester Massachusetts

Shute & Merchant

Gloucester Massachusetts, is a city whose fishing industry played a major role in the history of New England. In addition to the men who manned the dories, pinkies and fishing schooners, there were many companies that processed and packed the fish before it was sold to stores or consumers.

Shute & Merchant was just one of the many fish businesses with wharves along the harbor.

The Story of Shute & Merchant


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Our Genealogy

This section will provide some data regarding the genealogy of part of the families connected to Shute & Merchant.

Before Shute & Merchant became a firm in 1862, members of the Merchant family owned fishing enterprises located on the same Land at the head of the Harbor in Gloucester. First there was Epes Merchant, then his sons Samuel, Addison and Gorham, followed by James L. Shute and William T. Merchant.

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Stereoviews were a popular form of entertainment during the 1870s and later years. Many stereoscopic images of the Gloucester & Cape Ann were captured over this time period, and the images that captured the scenery of this part of New England allows each of us to step back in time when viewing the scenes.

The Procter Brothers were just one of the firms that produced and sold stereoviews of the Gloucester and Cape Ann areas. Among those other firms was that of John S. E. Rogers, who also ran his photographic business out of Gloucester. One the views showing a section of downtown Gloucester has the sign for his business on one section of a building. Two other well-know publishers of steroviews that captured some great views of Cape Ann are E. G. Rollins and J. W. & J. S. Moulton.

While most of the stereoview images were simply for the pleasure and enjoyment of the viewer, some were specifically designed as a way to advertise a location under development in the Pigeon Cove area of Cape Ann.