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Cape Ann Stereoviews

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Procter Brothers and John S. E. Rogers labels

Two of the most well-known publishers of Cape Ann stereoviews were the Procter Brothers and John S. E. Rogers. For a period of time, both firms used labels on the back of the stereoviews they published. Those used by John S. E. Rogers included additional information about the scenes, as can be seen on this example.

John S. E. Rogers worked as a photographer and publisther in Gloucester, and publishing stereoviews was an off-shoot of that business. Stereoviews were just one of the many items published and sold by the Procter Brothers ... Francis and George H. Procter.

Most stereoviews are thin paper photographs pasted onto a 3 1/2 by 7 inch card, and were popular from about 1860's to 1880's. Some oversized stereoview cards measured 4.5 by 7, and were considered “cabinet” or “imperial” sized. This type of photographic item was aimed at the tourist or visitor to the area, as well as collectors.

Most stereoviews were of scenery from well-known communities or attractions, but some were produced specifically of a person's residence. One Pigeon Cove image in this collection, was created with the specific intent to advertise a property that was up for sale by its Boston owner.

Procter Brothers calendar

This 1881 small calendar is one example of how the Procter Brothers advertised their many products.


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