Shute & Merchant
once located at the Head of the Harbor in Gloucester Massachusetts

Shute & Merchant

the Shutes and Merchants of Cape Ann

George Merchant
(1807 - 1899)

George Merchant was a fisherman and master mariner in Gloucester. He and Lucy Norwood (dau. John Norwood and Betsy Bray) married in 1826, when George was nineteen.

George spent his life working as a fisherman and sea captain, and during one of his voyages as a young mariner, he was unable to save his younger brother Benjamin as he was swept into the sea. He continued working in this trade until he was 85 years of age.

He and Lucy had thirteen children:

Lucy Ann 1827 - 1872
George, Jr. 1828 - 1906
George 1807 - 1899
Sarah Ellery 1829 - 1912
Julia Ann 1832 - 1891
Mary Elizabeth 1834 - 1910
Sidney 1837 - 1909
Miranda 1839 - 1921
Edwin 1842 - 1914
Isabell Bowen 1843 - 1870
Emily Curtis 1845 - 1923
Laura Jane 1848 - ____
Gorham Alfred 1850 - 1897
Albion Howard 1853 - 1940

George Merchant, Sr.

George was the last surviving child of Epes and Sally, outliving all of his siblings by 10 or more years. In addition to his skills as a mariner and sea captain, he possessed a remarkable native musical talent, the violin being his favorite instrument, which he began to play at the age of 14 years. He was a great favorite among his associates due to his musical abilities. George was said to have been born with a fidler's elbow, and was destined to be a musician. While out on fishing voyages, he would often be found playing his violin during the evening hours.

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